How to add a Missing Person Listing

Missing Person Information

Missing Person listing on Lost Found Stolen Missing website directoryPlease see The Australian Federal Police National Missing Persons Coordination Centre

If you have serious concerns for the safety and welfare of a person, it is important to provide the local police with the following information:

1. physical description of the missing person including distinguishable features
2. upload a recent photograph of the missing person
3. where and when the person was last seen or heard from
4. places the missing person may visit
5. list of any medical problems or medications the person may need
6. names and contacts of friends associated with the person

How to add a Missing Person

Please use the following example to add a description for the lost missing person.

  1. Listing Description
    • Add the ‘Title’ of the missing person eg, Missing Mum SA
    • Add a ‘Description’ of where the person was last seen.
      Please note: Include the Day, date ,Time and Place.
    • Add ‘Keywords’ eg, Missing, SA, Woman
  2. Listing Category
    • Select a ‘Parent Category’:
      • Missing People
    • Then select a ‘Sub Category’ if applicable.
      • Missing – ACT
      • Missing – NSW
      • Missing – NT
      • Missing – QLD
      • Missing – SA
      • Missing  -TAS
      • Missing – VIC
      • Missing – WA
  3. Listing Attachments
    1. Upload an image from your computer or phone by selecting the browse button and navigating to your photo or image.
      Please note – images uploaded can only be .jpg .gif or .png format and have a maximum 800kb in size.
      To find out how to resize your image please go to ‘Resizing Images’
  4. Listing Attributes
    1. The reward field is optional.
    2. Please select the Listing Type – ‘Missing‘ – this is a required field to ensure your listing is found on the website.
    3. Add the ‘Nationality’ of the missing person.
    4. Add the ‘Gender’ of the missing person.
    5. Add the ‘Age’ of the missing person.
    6. Add the ‘Hair Colour’ of the missing person.
    7. Add the ‘Eye Colour’ of the missing person.
      Please note: Adding specific details will give your missing person more search availability on the website.
  5. Listing Location
    1. Add the location of where the person was last seen by adding the address into the search field and selecting ‘Search’.
      It is also possible to select a location by scrolling on the map. Scroll down to zoom out and scroll up to zoom in, then click on the desired location to confirm.