Lost smoky grey female short haired tabby/tortoiseshell (little patches of ginger) 5 1/2 old kitten

Date:April 23, 2022 11:35 am

MickyD is a beautiful, friendly smoky grey/light ginger patched tabby/tortoiseshell 5 1/2 month old female kitten who disappeared 12/4/2022 from the Cumberland Park SA area. She is a great climber, has the most awesome purr you have ever heard but pathetic little meow and very adventurous/playfull. She does not like loud noises. MickyD is microchipped but not desexed (scheduled 2/5/2022). Missed greatly

Listing Type Lost
Make / Breed Domestic Short Haired TabbyTortoiseshell
Color Smoky grey with light patches of ginger (Tabby/Tortoiseshell)
Reward $100
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